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Hello and welcome to my cosplay page. I know from my home page, you must have determined that my online persona is "Foayasha" hence, Foa Cosplay. So there shouldn't be too much more reason to go into that, it's pretty straight forward. I’ve just been going by Foayasha for so long that there isn’t really any reason to come up with any other unique identity.

I don’t want to be too formal here, and I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to come up with the perfect introduction for those who wish to know a bit more about me. So with that in mind, I’ll just be doing a spell check when I’m done writing this, and then I'll just be moving on. To be honest, this will probably be the theme with most of my site, as I am on a deadline. xD

I live in the most humid city on the planet, otherwise known as Houston Texas (maybe you’ve heard of it). I’ve got a couple of dogs, which if you know me at all, understand they play a large part in my life. I’ve also got a very tall boyfriend who I am trying to convince he would make a perfect male cosplayer; we have that anime female/male height difference going on like crazy. I work for a small software company, where my title in emails is “Design and Quality”. I mainly test their software, and when they want to throw me a bone, they ask me to work on marketing projects.

So in my spare time, obviously I do cosplay, play some video games, ride my motorcycle, dream about horses, and I also try to be fit by doing daily Les Mills workouts that kick my ass like nobodies business. I’m also a big Dr. Who fan, and I absolutely love River Song - and if you don’t like it (her) you can pleasantly GTFO.

So… cosplay, I’m sure that’s what you really want to know, right?

Well I haven’t been doing it that long (2011?), but in the time I have been doing cosplay, I had become addicted. I hyperfocus, its just what I do. When a new project comes along I dive in head first, and just cram until its finished. I’ve been working on this, but its how I’ve been my entire life. I can’t change it, I don’t apologize. When I met my previous cosplay partner we were pretty similar in that quality, so we spent all of our time working on cosplay, talking about cosplay, living and dreaming, sleeping, eating… cosplay. It was crazy.

Well needless to say, once my drive ran out on cosplay, I needed to slow it down. Of course my partner is still going strong, but for me, its been more of I do it when I can. The hyperfocus for cosplay comes and goes. I choose more personal cosplays to work on now, and at this point I only have finite plans up until June of 2013. I’m actually hoping that I’ll get a good break after that for a while.

So… now you know a little bit more about me. Of course, if you want to know me a bit better, I’ve got tons of accounts on social sites where you can follow me, and talk to me. And you’ll find I am very active, talking away all day long. Be sure to check out my tutorials and cosplay gallery, since that is probably why you dropped in anyways!

Well… I guess one day I’ll probably update this little message to be a bit more coherent, but in the mean time I’ve got plenty of other interesting things for you to browse.

Thank you for checking out my site <3


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