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Comicpalooza - May 24 - 26 - Saturday Only

This will be my third Comicpalooza, and I am pretty excited to get to relax and see more of my cosplay/gaming/comic friends. See you there!.

Planned cosplays – Lady Deadpool

DragonCon - Aug 30 - Sept 2 - Tentative

Ok ok ok... here is a con I would really like to go to, but it is still a "Backup" plan, for if I can't make it to Blizzcon. It will be my first Dragoncon as well, so I'll need to make sure to bring something sort of epic... and I am pretty sure I know what to bring ;)

Planned cosplays – Skyrim Cosplay & Pokemon Princess - Others TBD

Onicon - Oct 25 - 27

Last year I got to have the great honor of being a cosplay guest, the first time and it was pretty good. So I will be returning to Onicon this year hoping for more cosplay fun!

Planned cosplays – TBD

Blizzcon - Nov 8-9 - Tentative

So this is the con which is breaking the bank for me! I really want to go, but the last time I went... pfftah! We spent so much money! And then there is the cosplay I want to bring xD Well we'll see which I get to do. If I get to go to Blizzcon, I'll be super psyched!

Planned cosplays – TBA

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