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So if there is one thing I can claim to be, its creative. And while I am a certain type of perfectionist, I do not claim to be an amazing prop maker. If discovered, I wouldn't be urgently summoned to Hollywood to become a world renown prop designer. But I do have a certain ability to think outside the box, and come up with some clever solutions for common problems for cosplayers. I think for most the best part of my creativity is that I’m cheap, and a bit lazy. So my solutions will normally be pretty cost effective and easy. So I hope I can help out some aspiring cosplayers with my tips and tricks.

Prop Making Construction Details and Tutorials

Sintra | PVC Expanded Foam Board

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Videos)

Wonderflex | Quon's Vest and Corgi Armor

Part 1 | Part 2: Coming Soon!! (i think)

Wig Tutorials

High Ponytail

Panel Presentations

  • Armor Making
  • MLP: Cosplay 101
  • Coming Soon! Wigs & Makeup
  • Coming Soon! Presentations
  • Coming Soon! Cosplay 101
  • Coming Soon! Cosplay 102
  • Coming Soon! How to Date a Cosplayer

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