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Yeah, I have my moments where people are interested in talking to me. So I’m collecting them, the few interviews I’ve done, as well as the features I’ve received, and maybe other stuff. Who knows… media stuff.

Anime Matsuri 2013 MyHacrifice!

So who likes some Lady DeadPool, you know I like some Lady Pool!

Anime Matsuri 2013 Official Promo - Our World by Anime Matsuri!

Check out this awesome video of my Celty cosplay in the Anime Matsuri Promo video! It was so cool shooting it and it turned out amazing.

Katsucon 2013 Cosplay - Love Shines by Cinema Show Films!

Cute bit of video on my Maka cosplay from Katsucon <3

November Feature! We Rise Mag!

Just some awesome shots of my Celty cosplay blow up big in this spread!

Check page 52 for my spread!

October 21st Daily Cosplay Feature!

I've been cosplaying for about a year and a half, doing my best to learn more and more. The character featured here was one of my favorites as of recently, so when I saw this version of her, I had to make it into cosplay!


Interview with Marcello in Japan Cinema's Cosplay Corner!

Foayasha might seem like a season professional at cosplay, but this is actually her first year at the hobby! By day she is just a regular Graphic Designer. Though, by night, donning elaborate costumes and vibrant wigs, she prowls the evening streets, seeking to destroy evil and keep her city safe. Or… I she just likes to cosplay – she is…Foayasha! This super nice cosplayer gave us an incredible interview with too many details to cover in this intro.


Cosplay Feature by Cosplay Blog - With a Brain!

It’s time for another interview, this time with Foayasha! She’s a lovely cosplayer from Texas, who is quite the talented costumer!


Cosplay Testimonial!!

I was featured in this cool publication which is booked to have at least 6 more volumes.

Learn more...

Cosplayer Nation @ Katuscon 18!!

Anime Matsuri 2012 Promo Video!!

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