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Angelina Durless Kuroshitsuji

'Madame Red'

My first cosplay since I decided this was a hobby I really wanted to pursue… you can check out my very first attempt here. This character was sort of tossed on me at the time, and then I had barely any experience to go on, plus, no sewing machine, no experience with wigs… nothing. So I watched a few episodes of Naruto Shippuden, and followed up with a lot of brainstorming and conception on the wig and eye piece. For my first attempt on props, I thought I did a decent job.

Construction Details

Cosplay - While I didn’t actually create the gown, it was mainly handled by Maria from GS Props, I did help out a great deal with a lot of the grunt work: Ironing ruffles, making bias tape… etc. The gown was as accurate as we could make it, with a full bustle and Victorian era skirt pattern. It was very interesting to watch it all come together, and at the same time extremely stressful and I wasn’t the one behind the sewing machine O_O

"I am sort of embarrassed to admit to how many of these characters I hadn’t known about until after the cosplay was planned. Don’t get me wrong, in almost all cases I would watch the series as soon as I found out I was cosplaying them, but most of the time I didn’t know who I was picking.

Anyways, it was a really hot cosplay to wear, but I certainly felt cool. It looked pretty good, even though with all the fabric, and the corset I worn underneath, it was very difficult to look petite /sigh "

Wig – The wig went through several heat treatments to get the very straight/flat look that Madame Red had. Cut and styled by Moi.

Props – I made a hat, which barely got worn because I didn’t like it. I also made little boot covers out of vinyl, and the little handkerchief looking thing around the neck. Maybe other stuff too, but I don’t remember. So long ago!

Cosplay Worn @

Akon 21 2011

Thank you to all of the talented photographers who helped me bring this cosplay to life. Images include in this gallery are provided courtesy of the following...

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