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Maka Albarn Soul Eater

'Casual Maka'

This outfit is super cute, and I couldn't do without it, so I just decided to make it anyways. It was choice 3 in my poll I had ran on my Facebook page. I had plans of wearing it on a Sunday at a con. Really, I should have known better. I did have some day dreams right after I got home though, from the convention, and decided to just do a fun photoshoot loaded with color and books.

Construction Details

Cosplay - I did actually get to make most of the items in this costume, even though it was very simple. I created two skirts actually, but the second I think turned out more like the original artwork. I created the skirt by hand, since my sewing machine was unavailable. The shirt was purchased, but I created the graphic myself with Illustrator and then trasferred the design with some printer transfer paper. I also made the suspenders and hairbows.

"I got to eat so much good food during this shoot, it was probably the most fun I've had shooting a cosplay in a while."

Cosplay Worn @

A casual photoshoot @ City Center in Houston

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