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Inuyasha Inuyasha


Another of my favorite cosplays! I remember thinking how I wanted to cosplay from the show, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t think I could really pull off Hanyou Inuyasha, and god… I was so in love with him. When we finally got around to doing this cosplay I was freaking out, it was like Inuyasha was staring me right in the eyes. So much fun!!

Construction Details

Cosplay - Cosplay made by Maria from GS Props. All designs were referenced from the traditional clothing of the time period. You probably won’t find a more authentic Inuyasha cosplay out there anywhere.

"I lost a contact that day, with the sand at Galveston Beach. That sucked, I remembered sitting in the Ihop after our photoshoot trying to fix my darn eye. So I had to photoshop yellow onto a handful of my picture because I had to remove the contact. Boo :("

Wig – This wig was pretty fun to make, I combined three long white wigs, and added quite a bit of layering to the back. I left the front side tails long, as I didn't think for the convention it would be fun to fight with keeping the wig organized for pictures. The bangs were yet another piece which was added afterwards with some bobbypins. In the end I think it turned out really well.

Props – My first experience making animal ears, and I was so particular about this set, since I wanted to make sure that they looked like Inuyasha’s ears. I think the result was very good, and I’ve used the same folding technique for all of my other ears. Necklace and Nails were made/modified by me. The large Tessaiga was also made by me, but I never finished it. It needed a lot more work, but heck… it sure did work out well for pictures. The white portion around the hilt was a short fluffy wig. It worked so well!

Cosplay Worn @

Onicon 2011

Guest Star: Marikasan as "Human Inuyasha"

Thank you to all of the talented photographers who helped me bring this cosplay to life. Images include in this gallery are provided courtesy of the following...

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