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Winry Rockbell FMA

Full Metal Alchemist's Personal Mechanic

So I cut my hair for this cosplay, for some reason I wanted bangs.. and I felt this would be a good cosplay to do. So I lightened my hair a bit and wore casual Winry for the day. I heard from the grapevine that guys like girls in miniskirts and combat(motorcycle) boots.

Construction Details

Cosplay - Closet cosplay all the way here!

"I’ll be re-cosplaying this character, in her regular getup at some point, but this costume was really fun, easy and comfortable to wear. I really enjoyed it."

Wig – I had just recently cut bangs, and then I realized I could pull of an easy Winry. No wigs attached! I really love cosplaying without a wig...

Props – I did bring along the biggest wrench I own, although… it still wasn’t that big.

Cosplay Worn @

Comicpalooza 2012

Thank you to all of the talented photographers who helped me bring this cosplay to life. Images include in this gallery are provided courtesy of the following...

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