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Maka Albarn Soul Eater

Spartoi 'Angel'

My most recent cosplay love. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this character, and after I saw the Spartoi uniform I just HAD to make it. I fell in love with the Deathscythe Soul too, I just didn’t have much interest in cosplaying her regular outfit, since so many people did it already, and regular Soul is sort of boring (sorry don’t hit me!).

So this cosplay was a big undertaking for me. My first large prop on my own, and also the jacket wasn’t going to be easy to make. I wasn’t sure if I could do it or not, but I researched a lot, and got to work.

Construction Details

Cosplay - I modified a trench coat pattern, quite a bit, for the jacket design. It is fully lined, thank you, and very comfortable. I wanted to make sure it was easy to take on and off, and that I would also be able to wear the cosplay without the jacket as well. I was so damn happy with the final result. Even though it doesn't make me look really tiny, it was very comfortable, and seemed to fit very well.

"Love love love… I already have 2 other Maka cosplays I’m going to be doing. I completely broke Soul Eater on the way home from Ohio, so there is damage to repair, but the sythe itself is still in good condition."

Wig – Wig? What wig? I used my own hair for this cosplay too ^_^ I got a bleach job and a bit thicker bangs. I’ll probably be keeping my hair like this for a little while too. I just love being Maka that much! To be honest, the whole deal was much more expensive than a wig ever would have been, but I think it was worth it. Pig tails are hard to do with a wig.

Props – Gosh, I cast little skull clips for her hair. That was fun.

Deathscythe Soul was a made of layers of Sintra, cover in bondo. All of the detail that you see, other than the pole, is made of Sintra (with bondo cover, if needed). Painting this scythe was a blast. I’ll need to get it clear coated I think xD.

NOTICE: I am activity looking for a Spartoi Soul Eater to do a photoshoot with me, and also a Black Blood Soul Eater for Anime Matsuri for a photoshoot. Contact me if you are interested in doing a group cosplay!

Cosplay Worn @

San Japan Mach 5
Matsuricon 2012
Planned: Ikkicon 2012

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